July 03, 2008

Alegre Beach Resort, Sogod Cebu

The Northern and Southern part of Cebu offers great Beaches. Cebu is one of the most visited places by tourists here in the Philippines. One from the list is Alegre Beach Resort. Alegre Beach Resort is located on the Northern part of Cebu, specifically at the town of Sogod, northeastern coast of Cebu. Amenities are the following: bird watching, mountain biking and trekking in the rural countryside as well as observe flora and fauna and limestone areas.

Alegre beach resort ranked 3 in 66 hotels and resorts in Cebu and Cebu City.

For Hotel iinquiries and reservations:
Calumboyan, Sogod, Island of Cebu, Philippines
Posta Address: P.O. Box 1094, Cbeu City Philippines
Tel No. +63(32)2549800, +63(32)2549811, 2549822; local 172
Fax: +63(32)2549833
Direct Line: +63(32)2556388
Email Address: reserve@alegrebeachresort.com or

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