February 26, 2012

The Whale Shark "Butanding" Experience at Oslob Cebu Philippines

This is a sample pic of my good friends having their great time at Oslob while I was left at the hospital working  >,< I was made to sacrifice a whole day of fun and adventure! It was my fault anyway forgetting to request for an off from work.  So technically I was left behind. 

Threy took a road trip from Naga to Oslob with the aid of Charlene's guy friends. Guided with the signage Whale Shark Watching , "The Ultimate Experience with the Gentle Giants," they arrived at the resort at Tan-awan , Oslob , Cebu. 

I just can't help but to be envy with how the sun rays strikes the blue waters giving it a crystal effect with the BUTANDINGS swimming on it.

As my friend told me they were given brief instructions before they submerge themselves into the waters. None of them knows how to swim so they took the liberty of gripping on each side of the boat. Life vests were provided for each person, so even if you don't know how to survive on the sea, it will keep you floating! 

Oh I'm dying to experience this...... 

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