May 19, 2014

Cebu's finest chorale. The Core Chorale.

Just like any other girls, my biggest dream is to walk on the aisle with the love of my life waiting at the other end of the altar! I don't dream of an ambiguous wedding. I want it magical but simple to save us from rainy days. I went from scratch, sloped down from trial and error then went back to the drawing board all over again. Planning on such is never easy, it takes time and a full load of patience to have everything fall into places. I am just really glad that there are kindhearted people who are really willing to extend their help. A friend of mine introduced me to a small group of church singers THE CORE CHORALE. I was totally wrong when I thought of small group coz I did listened to a few of their masterpiece, and I was absolutely astound of how heavenly and beautiful their voices were with overpowering wonder of surprise, I can't believe my ears! I will definitely let them sing on my big day. So I am sharing this information to those soon to be bride who are looking for church singers to sweep you off your feet on your wedding day. 

Contact Numbers: 09328578088 or 09174377220
Look for Mike
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