May 25, 2013

Whale Shark "Butanding" Watching !

Last year I posted pictures of my friends tripping at Oslob Cebu, venturing the most popular “Butanding” Whale Shark Watching. I waited a year to experience it myself with my family. It was a blast and it was the first time I submerged into the waters with fishes bigger than I am. A lot of tourists from different places were there to witness the amazing Butandings. It was a splendid experience for first timers like me !

Getting there is not that hard at all. It is just a matter of a bus ride from South Bus Terminal, take the safest Bus Liner (Ceres Bus) heading to Bato, Oslob and note the barker and they’ll drop you right where you are headed.

For those who just want to do Whale Watching, it will cost you only 100 php. For those who want to go snorkeling, the price is only 300 php. Oxygen tank for divers are also available at 1,500php. Cottages are rented roughly from 300-500php. Bringing of foods and drinks are allowed. 

So I’m going to show you some pics we took during our trip! Enjoy!

the view of the beach! 

baby butanding!

i think I dont look so good on this!


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