October 02, 2013

Devina Dediva, who are you to judge MEGAN YOUNG, and the rest of the Filipino's

Devina DeDiva, who are you to judge?  

I am not troubled or disheartened by this Devina Dediva, who may have judged Megan Young, MISS WORLD 2013 questioning why on earth did she won the pageant. Filipina's have grace and poise and compassion in every single deed. It is true that 80% of Filipino are working as OFW's but they are working for their families, sacrificing being away from their homes to serve other people for the goodness of makind, many of our kabayan excel in different angles and profession. I am proud to be a Pinoy and I am not bothered by her being irascible and cantankerous. This one's for you Miss Dediva, before you start pointing fingers , make sure your hands are clean. I am absolutely sure , you don't have even a single Filipino cell in your body, so it leaves me thinking, where did you came from? Mars!! I guess!!

PS: I own this blog so I have every right to put in here whatever it is that i feel like writing. Flood me with haters. I really don't care! xoxo.. 

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