November 15, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) aftermath, Philippines 2013

Just  a week ago Visayas was strucked by typhoon Yolanda,  the strongest storm that hit the world in history, even stronger than hurricane Katrina that killed thousand lives in United States of America on 2005. Hurricane Katrina had a strength of 205 kilometers per hour with 1,833 plus casualties while Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) had a fierce force of 315 kilometers per hour sustaining 11,000 fatalities and still counting! Few days before it happened, people of the Visayas region were warned by PAG-ASA of the threat of heavy rain fall, flash floods, landslides and storm surge. The latter part was not clearly emphasized; people from Tacloban City expected only a rise of the sea level but not a TSUNAMI of some kind. Everything in Leyte, Bantayan, Eastern Samar and Tacloban City were thoroughly washed off!

Primary structures, distinguished establishments, historical landmarks, public places and utilities, hospitals and government offices were completely vanished! Corpse were scattered everywhere! Literally everywhere, bodies on the shore, roads, buildings, even smashed by debris and fallen structures! The pass on of the reliever is really slow! THEY NEED HELP! They struggle for food and water. They are not looters as what others name them, because if they were, they would have sneaked in to factories and buildings for their own good but they went beyond their limits to feed their families and keep them alive. They merely had no choice.

Social media has been flooded with hate massages blaming the government for being corrupt, taking advantage of the situation, asking taxes to foreign military and first aid responders for the relief goods to be handed over to the people. It shouldn't be that way. The United Nations are freely extending their help, Filipino's should be thankful for that alone. THEY NEED HELP, a lot of them are very hungry, utterly helpless, barely breathing and at snail's pace of dying! Thousands are badly injured, totally damaged and deeply traumatized! Many lives were lost and children's future is at stake. Could you just imagine how they sleep at night with an empty stomach, aching wounds and broken hearts while lying beside the dead body of their loved ones? It's terribly horrifying!

Yes, Help has arrived with the aid of all of the countries sending their love and helping hands to assist the Filipino's but it will take time, a long time to restore what has been destroyed or maybe it will never be restored. I pray that the Philippines will be healed. Step aside the political issues and everyone should work unitedly to reach a common goal. THEY NEED HELP to uplift their spirits to keep them going, so LET'S HELP THEM and I say instead of posting pictures of dead people, destructive images and complaining of corrupt government, I encourage everyone to donate and do relief campaigns and restoration programs, little by little it can be done. Remember, nobody wanted this to happen. Nobody!

-curatchingching #justsaying

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